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We receive very little rainfall in the El Paso and Las Cruces area, but when we do, invaders take over our properties - weeds! The Pros are equipped to tackle even the most problematic weeds. Before, during, and after invasion you can rest assured that the Pros have you covered!

Weeds are not only unsightly, they deprive your grass and plants of much needed nutrients! The best method of attack is by growing a thick and luscious green lawn - if you've already got weeds, this may be prevented because of a lack of nutrients - we can help you solve this problem through fertilization.

If your lawn is healthy, there are two additional methods for the control of invasive weed species - the application of pre and post-emergents. Read on for more information.

when should they be applied?


soil temps around 55˚ for

4 to 5 consecutive days








soil temps around 70˚ for

4 to 5 consecutive days







For pre-emergent applications, there are two optimal times to administer the chemical, based on soil temperatures. This varies geographically and from year-to-year, but in El Paso and Las Cruces the best time for chemical weed control is early spring and mid to late-fall.

post-emergent herbicides

Post-emergent herbicides are applied after weeds have already germinated and sprouted. To maximize efficiency of the herbicide, it best applied when the weeds are less than 4 inches high. If taller weeds exist, a weed removal service will need to be performed prior to the post-emergent herbicide application.


Some of the post-emergent herbicides we apply to lawns in El Paso and Las Cruces also produce pre-emergent activity when direct contact with soil is made, providing an additional layer of protection for your yard.


There are a multitude of different post-emergent herbicides that The Pros have in their arsenal, contact us today for a free weed removal estimate. Our technician will identify the problem, develop a well-rounded and effective plan of attack, and provide you with information pertinent to the type of service/treatment needed to eradicate your weed problems for good!



  • Sow-Thistle

  • Groundsel

  • Dandelion


  • Bahiagrass

  • Crabgrass

  • Smutgrass


  • Annual Sedge

  • Green Kyllinga

  • Purple Nutsedge

pre-emergent herbicides

Pre-emergent herbicides, also colloquially known as weed preventers, are designed to control weed growth by disrupting seed germination and emergence. They are used to provide a barrier between your lawn and weeds during active seasonal growth stages.

Herbicides are classed by their site of action, or the specific process in the plant that the herbicide disturbs in order to interrupt plant growth and development. There is a wide range of sites of action among pre-emergent herbicides, and a successful plan of attack will include several different sites of action to manage herbicide resistant weeds.

benefits of pre-emergents

  • Pre-emergent herbicides protect your lawn during critical growth periods when your grass might not be able to ward off invasive weeds.

  • They are the most effective option for the control of annual weeds, like Crabgrass and Spurge.

  • Pre-emergent applications, if timed properly, can reduce the number of post-emergent applications needed to maintain your yard.

  • When applied appropriately, pre-emergent herbicides can be safer for use around existing plants than post-emergents.



When should I call Pro-Tech about my weed problems?

- The earlier, the better! The best methods for controlling weeds in your yard is to prevent them from becoming established. We do this through weed removal and the application of pre and post-emergent herbicides.

How do I care for my yard post-treatment?

- Water, water, water! In granular herbicides, the chemical is trapped inside granules and must be watered into the soil to release the herbicide. Likewise, in liquid-form herbicides, grass may trap the herbicide before it hits the soil, so watering your lawn thoroughly after application will increase the efficacy of the treatment.

How can I maintain my yard effectively post-treatment?

- Regular mowing and watering is the most effective mode of protection you as a homeowner can take outside of the chemical applications Pro-Tech performs on your yard. Sound like a lot of work? It is, let The Pros handle your weekly yard maintenance!

Pre-Emergent Herbicides
Post-Emegent Herbicides


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